No matter what financial challenges you find yourself up against, you don’t have to face it alone. We can help you manage the financial implications associated with a major life transition or help build wealth.

    In addition, if your just seeking guidance for financial clarity and confidence, we can help put you on a path toward wealth and independence.

    In addition to working with women experiencing transition, we serve business CEOs and executives concerned with building wealth and retirees concerned with wealth preservation and steady income.

    Loss of a Spouse


    Divorce can be a particularly challenging transition, as your financial issues may be complicated by legal and emotional matters.

    Craig can help you through the often difficult process of taking charge of the solo finances you’re left with after divorce proceedings.

    Losing a spouse can throw your finances into chaos. It’s not just about the money, but all the things your spouse used to do.

    Now you’re responsible for all of it.  Craig will work in your best interests to help you make sense of everything.



    Whether you’re planning for, nearing, or living in retirement, it’s important to have a source of income that will help you live comfortably.

    Craig takes the time to understand your goals and desires for your retirement years. 

    Not only is it imperative to provide you the needed income for retirement, but you must grow your wealth over your lifetime.

    Career Transitions

    Wealth Creation

    Richman Capital Management is a private money manager who watches the markets daily.  With specialization in fundamental and technical analysis, Craig reviews stocks and ETFs daily with high probability for share price increase, although not guaranteed.

    In order to live your life on purpose, we believe that that your money has to grow to outpace your income, taxes, inflation or any other expense that you may face in the future.