My Process


Enterprise Valuation. Dividend Growth

Dividend growth stocks have shown they can be strong generators of rising wealth and income for investors, especially when dividends are reinvested.

Our focus is evaluating companies that have the capacity and willingness to keep paying and growing it's dividend is an important consideration for investors.

Companies that generate more in free cash flow each year are more valuable than companies that are overwhelmed with net debt and struggling to generate positive cash flow, all else equal.

We search for companies that are undervalued on the basis of discounted cash flow process, relative valuation and technical evaluation. This robust combination of research is designed to find viable stocks.

Please contact us for our complimentary white paper, "Value-Focused Momentum-Based Dividend Growth Investing."


Income Solutions. Capital Growth

Our income process uses our independent research to find the most compelling income ideas using mutual funds, exchange traded funds and individual selected stocks.

Our objective is to provide you monthly income but continue to grow your capital to combat inflation, taxes and other future unforeseen costs.

When suitable, RCM also recommends private real estate, annuities and other alternative investments that look to dampen market volatility and offer solid income solutions.

Most of our clients receive monthly income from their investments.  We continually research the best alternatives to create solid high yield investments.


Concierge Experience. Exceptional Service

 You will never talk to a computer. Instead, during business hours, your call will be answered by myself or our client relationship manager, Noelle Smithers. 

The goal in the firm is to address your question or satisfy your request quickly and on the first call. 

You will be supported by the two of us who will deliver an exceptional experience.  Once you experience our devotion to your money and your life, we believe you'll never consider managing your financial future at an impersonal bank or financial institution again.


Investments are subject to risk, including the loss of principal. Some investments are not suitable for all investors, and there is no guarantee that any  investing goal wil be met. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

















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