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Intelligently Building Wealth

Not only do we provide sound investment advice to our clients, but provide a higher wisdom of personal finance to help you move toward financial independence.

You are not a number at Richman Capital Management. We consider ourselves your financial advocate and your ally through challenging economic times since 1982.

Once you experience our devotion to your money and your life, you'll never consider managing your financial future at an impersonal bank or financial institution again.

When you work with our boutique firm, you'll find a partner who can provide investment solutions that will make you confident in the steps you're taking toward the future you envision.

Many of our clients are professionals, executives, business owners and retired people who need to grow their money.

We believe our process will capture much market appreciation but more importantly, have the ability to leave a stock position to lock in profits or sell due to breakdown or decline.

We invite you to discover how Richman Capital Management can impact your financial life!


A Matter of Trust

We have always maintained that effective relationships with our clients are built of trust.

That trust is grounded in the commitment to act in your best interest. Indeed, this reponsibility is required of investment professionals who act as fiduciaries to their clients. In addition to this requirement, Craig has undergone study and training to enact fiduciary excellence. This is signified by the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst (AIFA) designation.

Although there is a virtual alpabet soup in the world of finance, the AIFA designation is one that we feel is particularly important to help make you secure in the knowledge that we aim to not only meet the requirements set forth by law, but wish to exceed them and abide by a gold standard of fiduciary responsibility.

Our promise to you is that you will never have to wonder if your advisor is working in your best interest.